An excellent lighting design will turn your event into a memorable experience. Modern event technology offers possibilities for lighting concepts, stage- and projection designs that will take your breath.

Having the right partner at your side enables you to highlight your event and make it unique. "Q" offers long time experience, creativity and liability to perfectionism and guarantees competent concepts, planning and realisation. We create and design stage settings, projection contents and lighting looks. We develop material bills and equipment lists for tenders and we handle the programming on hybrid lighting consoles. We'll be your advisor and sparring partner to make real your ideas.

Design – that means your design; the creation of your event. That includes the intensive altercation with your company and the contents of your event. Drawings and designs on the one hand, reality based visualisations and renderings on the other hand will give birth to the perfect performance. Only then proportions, views and moods will be clear in advance and changes can be populated quick and prompt.


Markus Böhmer

Managing Director, Lighting Designer
Phone: +49 2175 16988 10

Ben Marquardt

Managing Director, Lighting Designer
Phone: +49 2175 16988 11


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